I’m currently living in Queens, NY by way of Suffolk County, NY,  Ewing, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, and Birmingham, AL. At The College of New Jersey in Ewing, I received degrees in English and Interactive Multimedia and at NYU I received a masters in Interactive Telecommunications.

Right now I’m working for a tech-ed startup in NYC that builds educational tools for military clients where I’m lead designer on three products. I work in close contact with other designers and developers and I regularly communicate with clients. I utilize user experience software, adobe creative suite and my python, html and css programing knowledge. The most exciting product I’m working on right now is a content management system that will drive the creation digital products in the future at my current company. I prefer working on consumer products that address complex, system-level problems.

My greatest strength is my ability to take user needs and research and translate them into designs that are based on the problem they need solved while taking advantage of the design, development and content resources available.

You can view my resume as a PDF here and email me at milazzo.ma@gmail.com.